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"Finally With The Lord" - Contemporary Gospel Debut Release
By Harvey Pinkney

"I have worked in the recording and music industry for over 20 years, and Harvey Pinkney has the unique ability to draw the listener and stay with them long after the music is over. During the time Harvey and I have worked together, his music has changed the atmosphere here at The Music Group Studios. Fellow engineers and musicians catch themselves singing or humming one of Harvey's songs and yet they have not even been involved in the project. Simply by walking in and out of the studio, his music and melodies latch on to the listener and leave a feeling of joy that lasts beyond the experience of listening to the CD itself.

Bass singers are not common at all, if not extinct altogether. Yet Harvey pulls off a miracle. He finds the ability to carry a powerful pop song with an earth shaking power usually reserved for notes at the top of the scale. Harvey is unusual, unique and a complete pleasure to know, to work with and to listen to. This CD is more than the newest music. Its a combination of old school and modern styles with a twist you have never heard before! And the message? Don't even get me started. The Harvey Pinkney album is truly an experience that will change not only the way you perceive music, but the way you look at the world and the creation of GOD."

                                                                         L.G. Hamilton - Record Producer, The Music Group Studios

 List Of Songs On This CD
  • Jesus Says...
  • Behold Come Lord Jesus
  • What is Truth? (A Parable)
  • Power From on High
  • Finally With The Lord
  • Let Your Light So Shine
  • Journey Of A Manís Life
  • Left Behind (For The Last Time)
  • He Will Lift You Up
  • Fishers Of Men
  • Behold Your King
  • Jesus Please (Shine Your Light On Me)
  • The Calling
  • Sweet Spirit