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posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 22

We noticed after going out into the field on Saturday Aug 20th, 2011 that there was a feeling of great joy that we experienced as we prayed for people we had never met before. Janet Schroeter and myself are the ones that went out. I personally feel that in the fast-paced world in which we live, we are sort of propelled into all these activities that have to do with our own personal survival or maintenance of our own lives. I think – after going out Saturday – that a huge part of the victory came as a result of ceasing for a time to be concerned about ourselves and to focus on the spiritual well-being of a complete stranger. This was an act of LOVE that brought us deliverance in the process!

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 21

I was coming from the Northside on Sunday afternoon 8-21-11 and got off at the 71st St. off ramp. Robert was there with a sign asking for change. Because I pulled to the far left lane and I was the only car with no one behind me, he was right there within 4 feet of my car. I only gave him 25 cents but grabbed his hand and prayed with him asking the LORD to work on him and change his circumstance and draw him to the Lord. When I asked to take his picture he seemed to be thankful that someone would care about him enough to pray for him. I told him that if he began to think about God more or things started happening for the better in his life, it was going to be because we were going to start praying for him regularly. He seemed thankful for that.

posted by Janet Schroeter on Aug 20

I met these two beautiful ladies at McDonalds on 159th & Central. Their names are Helen & Gerta. Helen is a sweet little lady who needs prayer for her arm. And Gerta with her sweet smile says she needs prayer for her health. These ladies were a blessing to me and they said I was a blessing to them. Please pray that God would use them just as He used me to touch them.

posted by Janet Schroeter on Aug 20

We went to McDonalds on our very first outing and met - from left to right - Steve, Henry, Ben, and Josh at the McDonalds on 159th and Central. They are high school juniors that go to Oak Forest High School. We were able to pray with them and discuss some the pressures of being young these days. These kids reminded me of my own children. My prayer will be that they will make the correct choices, and that the LORD will continue to protect and send individuals to water these plants.

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 17

I met Aaron at McDonalds at 65th & Western. He was panhandling change and I was able to buy him something to eat. I showed him my 2 business cards I told him, I have LIFE INSURANCE and DEATH INSURANCE, Which one do you want; he answered The Life Insurance. I told him Wrong; you want the death insurance because the death insurance was Jesus! Then I began to talk to him about the Lord. He said he used to go to church but hasnt gone in a while. We prayed and I told him I would continue to pray for him. I went back to try to find him about 3 weeks after I saw him but he was not there. PRAY: That Aaron gets the small seed watered and that he will eventually find and learn to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 16

Dale and Inger Robertson and very good friends and Dale represents me as an agent and producer of the upcoming "Street" Christian talk show. Lord I pray for this couple and that they would grow in their marriage and become one displaying the unbreakable bond of Jesus and the church! Lord bless these 2 coming and going!

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 12

Lord I pray for my son Johnathan. Lord I am so sorry that I did not love him as I should have. I didn't have the capacity to fill his emotional tank the way I should have. I have been too busy trying to further my own career and ministry. Lord I am thankful that you showed yourself to him. Johnathan knows that you are real and he knows how to worship you and walk with you. Lord keep him please. Walk by his side and make up for where I failed. Thank you Jesus!

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 12

Lord I am proud of Jaimee. Please help her Lord! Lord Help to see that she has sinned against YOU by not serving Jesus! Help her to see that anything that she feels her mother and myself may have done to her is no excuse. That her business is with YOU. She has unfinished business with YOU, You have bought her with the blood of Jesus. She belongs to you! She needs to give YOU what you have bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus... which is herself! Who can plead for the man who defrauds God. So Lord, I intercede... do not let her rest her entire life, until she does business with YOU!

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 12

Lord I pray for my son Nathan. He is a good kid Lord that just turned 18 in July of 2011. He will be sharing an apartment with his sister Jaimee and they will be living about 7 miles from me. Lord I pray that Nathan who has been shown the life of a Christian will choose to live for God. Lord I pray that he will find a good job and also decide to further his education. Lord I pray that he and I would grow close as men of God. Lord I thank you for my son Nathan.

posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 12

Being wise as a serpent means that we should be aware at all times that the enemy of our souls, satan; is leading an active campaign to try to stop the work of the gospel from going forward. He is trying to destroy anything that has to do with JESUS. Because we are tools being used by God, we must always guard against our life being snuffed out before the time.

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