posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 16

Dale and Inger Robertson and very good friends and Dale represents me as an agent and producer of the upcoming "Street" Christian talk show. Lord I pray for this couple and that they would grow in their marriage and become one displaying the unbreakable bond of Jesus and the church! Lord bless these 2 coming and going!

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  1. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    LORD I pray for Dale and Inger. Touch them Lord and cause them to grow in their marriage. Give them both the "Law of Kindness" in their speech and communication with each other. Lord let their marriage be OVERCOMING in it's demonstration to show what happens when a couple really goes after JESUS!

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord please touch them OH God. Lord please move by your Holy Spirit and empower them to have a successful marriage OH God! Lord please help Dale to develope and cling to your focus regarding the TV show. Let him never give up OH God...but have him fully tap into YOU as he is being led.

  3. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you Lord that Dale and Inger are doing better! Thank you Lord.

  4. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you that I saw a smile on Inger's face on Thursday when I was there. Lord I can tell they are doing better. Thank you Lord.

  5. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Inger Oh God. I spoke to Dale yesterday. He and Inger had a terrible fight. Lord I pray that you would move on their marriage as you did before Oh God. Lord please speak to Dale as well. He feels that it is all her fault. Lord when I buy him Gary Smalley's book the 5 love languages, Lord help him to read it and to be changed by the wisdom therein.

  6. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you Lord for Dale and Inger. Lord please help them and give them strength because of the great burden that is upon them because of her mother and her son Oh God. Thank you Lord for the growth that I have seen in them and how they restored their marriage OH Most High by your spirit.

  7. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Oh God I thank you for these OH Most High, I thank for how good they are doing OH Lord. That they are renting that house and doing so well. Lord I pray that his business prosper. Thank you Jesus for the doors that you Oh God.

  8. Harvey Says:

    We pray for Dale and Inger that you would touch them and bring them together Lord help her with her tongue and just cause them to flow in the Holy Spirit to be submitted to you more than they are we pray for them we ask for forgiveness for not praying for them more in Jesus name amen

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