posted by Janet Schroeter on Aug 20

We went to McDonalds on our very first outing and met - from left to right - Steve, Henry, Ben, and Josh at the McDonalds on 159th and Central. They are high school juniors that go to Oak Forest High School. We were able to pray with them and discuss some the pressures of being young these days. These kids reminded me of my own children. My prayer will be that they will make the correct choices, and that the LORD will continue to protect and send individuals to water these plants.

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  1. Janet Schroeter Says:

    Lord I pray for these boys. Lord I pray that you may move mightily in there lives. Lord i pray that these boys will grow to know and serve you. Lord protect these boys as you are doing a work in them

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I remember these young men. Father be with them and keep them from the enemy in Jesus' name'

  3. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Father I pray for these 4 young men. Please touch them OH Lord and bring them to yourself OH Most High!

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