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posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 21

I was coming from the Northside on Sunday afternoon 8-21-11 and got off at the 71st St. off ramp. Robert was there with a sign asking for change. Because I pulled to the far left lane and I was the only car with no one behind me, he was right there within 4 feet of my car. I only gave him 25 cents but grabbed his hand and prayed with him asking the LORD to work on him and change his circumstance and draw him to the Lord. When I asked to take his picture he seemed to be thankful that someone would care about him enough to pray for him. I told him that if he began to think about God more or things started happening for the better in his life, it was going to be because we were going to start praying for him regularly. He seemed thankful for that.

Jesus Is Lord