posted by Harvey Pinkney on Aug 22

We noticed after going out into the field on Saturday Aug 20th, 2011 that there was a feeling of great joy that we experienced as we prayed for people we had never met before. Janet Schroeter and myself are the ones that went out. I personally feel that in the fast-paced world in which we live, we are sort of propelled into all these activities that have to do with our own personal survival or maintenance of our own lives. I think – after going out Saturday – that a huge part of the victory came as a result of ceasing for a time to be concerned about ourselves and to focus on the spiritual well-being of a complete stranger. This was an act of LOVE that brought us deliverance in the process!

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  1. Janet Schroeter Says:

    I wanted to comment on mine & Harvey's adventure with the Lord on August 20th, 2011. It felt so good to listen to the Lords leading and go out to share His love to the world. In this business of life we all are trying to survive with the economy and to protect ourselves and our family. I know that it is hard to go out of our comfort zone to help someone else when we need help. But God says to focus on Him and His work then He will provide for us. To set on minds on things that are above and not below. Praying with these strangers gave me great joy and encouragement and pleasure to see there smiling faces to be open to our prayers. It shows me that all people are closed up in hiding that they want people to pray for them, to care for them. God says we must lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. Are you willing to do that? Do we really know what that means. Even though we may need help ourselves. God says if we help others through our struggles He will send us help as well. This experience pumped me up to continue to do Gods work and to talk with people. You people are out there wanting to talk to someone and have someone to listen to you. We are here for you says the Lord. Are you ready for a life changing experience?

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    As we sometimes desire full time ministry, I am learning the importance of staying prayed up and in tune with THE LORD while working in the secular world. he is always just a prayer away. I love my Jesus for always being there when I call, I love you Jesus!

  3. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    In todays busy world, we noticed when we went out that we could very easily minister in the streets 24/7. Our spirit man would greatly enjoy that. but then the responsibilities of life enter in and we find ourselves engrossed in "Less Spiritual" activities. We recognize that our challenge will be keeping the fire alive as we move from our secular activities to the work of The Lord!

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