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posted by Harvey Pinkney on Sep 6

WALKING THROUGH - This topic for discussion begins on September 6, 2011. It is with great reverence and humility that the founders of STREETPRAYERS.ORG; Harvey Pinkney and Janet Schroeter begin this BLOG or TOPIC as we like to call it. The title WALKING THROUGH means to us that we are utterly conscious of the fact that the Holy Spirit is beckoning us to a level in our walk that is much higher than what we have experienced before. THE LORD is preparing us for the spiritual launch of this ministry which officially occurs at Lindblom Park in Chicago in 11 days. We are sensing that we are like the 1st century disciples in Matt chapter 10. Janet and myself feel that we are to catalogue our journey, our hearts, our weaknesses, our failures and victories as we WALK THROUGH the NARROW GATE into the work God has for us!

Jesus Is Lord