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This Prayer Warrior Discussion is started by Janet Schroeter on November 14th, 2011 and promises to be an exciting discussion on Prayer Warrior revival, responsibilities and renewal!

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  1. Janet Schroeter Says:

    As I sit in my living room floor. God is washing my feet with his beard. He is readying my feet for war and to walk the line. In war we walk some kind of line. whether it is the front line, middle, or the last to go into the battle. God says in his word Heb 12:13 Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lane may not be dislocated, but rather be healed. Are you ready for battle? Are you ready to walk the line of healing, restoration, deliverance, salvation. Picture in your mind that poem Sand prints in the Sand. Jesus will carry you in the line where your feet are steady and ready for battle. It is not going to be easy because we have an enemy who prowls around like a lion ready to devour every move we make toward Jesus Christ. Don't let that enemy get to you. It could be addiction, anger, disobedient. But hang in there while you are trying to walk the straight line God has laid before you. He is your protector, your guide. I am calling all Soldiers to comment on this. I am asking all soldiers how is your line? Which way is your line going? How are you walking your line?

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    How important it is that we walk the line "straightly". Just think how much time we waste when we alter our path by leaning on our own understanding? I think that as we grow in maturity, we should become better at relinquishing control over our direction to God. I am in a decison making time right now in the Lord. I pray that I will make the decision that is in keeping with HIS perfect will for my life. Please pray for clarity of direction with me.

  3. Janet Schroeter Says:

    Today I will be battling in the spiritual realm. I will be praying and seeking God for that straight and narrow path to follow. We all need clarity and discernment to stay straight and narrow. Gods path is a straight and narrow path. Even though we walk the path of Christ it does not mean life is easy. In Gods word He says we will have trials and tribulations. But with Christ in us we will gain hope and encouragement and strength that will carry us through. I will pray Harvey for you and all of us who long to walk the road of Christ and to stay straight and not wander. If you do wander it is ok. that is where discernment comes in and God will give it us and show us , and nudge us by the Holy Spirit hey your getting off track. Come back to me. It is never too late to say hey Jesus here am I to walk with you. Hang in there all you christian soldiers. May God Bless all of you who chose this path.

  4. Janet Schroeter Says:

    We are not alone in our battle. God says our weapons are not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of the spirit. We are in the world but not conformed to the world. We walk according to the spirit and not the flesh. The battle starts in the mind. Satan likes to attack the mind first through our thoughts.He does it so good and slow that we are easily deceived. And once Satan knows that we are deceived he keeps planting things in our head and then eventually we act on what we think. God says we need to renew our mind daily with the Word of God. We need to take every thought captive under the authority of Jesus Christ. If we want to know the road of God we need to know Him, study Him, read the word, pray, understand who Jesus is, Why did He come here? You all were born here for a reason and yes that reason is to go to heaven and have eternal life. But also it is to walk this earth with purpose and bountiful fruit in your life. We go through different seasons of walking different paths of Christ. But we don't want to wander too far off and get lost. Once lost it is harder to find your way back. So once you have your path before you stay close to the One who is Guiding you. Jesus is your compass. Take Care everyone who reads this. May God Bless All of you and beyond

  5. Janet Schroeter Says:

    We have to continue to battle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness. God says we must test the spirits around us. Also in Eph. it tells us to put the full armor of God on. Do we know how to wear the armor and use the armor of God. Last night at our prayer group at church, the lord spoke to me about our men in service. How they wear there armor for battle, and they wear it proudly, and boldly without fear. They know when they put that uniform on whether it is Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy. These men know who they are serving. That applies to the Children of God. When we put on the Armor of God in Eph 6:14-19. we have to wear it with pride of serving our Savior no matter what the cost may be. We have to make sure we take our Salvation serious and not be playing with fire. you have the Breastplate of righteousness, Shoding your foot with the preparation of the gospel. This means are you ready to spread the Good News of the gospel of peace. Shield of Faith. The helmet of salvation. and the Sword of the Spirit. The word of God. We need to carry the Sword of the Spirit to fight those negative thoughts that Satan may attack us with. We need to take very thought captive in our mind. To line our thoughts up with God. May you who are called by my name wear my armor with pride in Christ and know how to operate my armor for my glory which is in Heaven. in Jesus Christ. God says for those who I am calling get ready to put the Christ uniform on and fight for what is right. You know who you are? God says it is time to stand of Christ and our families. like that movie Courageous. Not is he just calling the men up in the home which is the head. But God is always calling the women to take their place as well. To be women of integrity for there man.

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