posted by Harvey Pinkney on Jun 5

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  1. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord thank you for letting me see and speak to Mike this morning. Lord let him make church on Sunday...Thank you Jesus!

  2. love Says:

    Be Bless Mike

  3. love Says:

    I spoke to Mike yesterday and he told me that a young man tried to rob him with a gun next to our church at 71st. kimbark .Father in Jesus Name I thank you for sparing Mike's and may you use this incident to bring him closer to you in Jesus Name.

  4. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray that the incident where was almost robbed would indeed cause him to realize that TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!

  5. love Says:

    Father in Jesus Name I thankyou for touching Mike Sunday .Now I pray in Jesus Name that you will baptize him with the Holy Ghost.

  6. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you for the way you touched Mike on Sunday oh Lord. Father please give Mike the strength to remain sober oh Lord. Thank you Jesus!

  7. love Says:

    I spoke to Mike and he said that he would be at church Tuesday night and he didn't show up.Father Jesus name give Mike the strength to resist the devil so that he come to church be taught your Word in Jesus Name.

  8. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I Thank you that Mike is doing better. Oh God I praise you that he brought the new man to church. Lord please give Mike the victory over alcohol. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Father, please help Mike to make a strong ccmmittment to Jesus Oh Lord.

  10. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord please help Mike I saw him on the corner this morning and he did'nt look good Oh Lord. Zollie was with him and Zollie had beer. I told the that there has to be a day a time when the last drink is had. I told them that they must carry their cross and follow JESUS!

  11. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord please touch Mike and make him strong to stay sober OH Lord. Lord we thank you for the church attendance that Mike has attained to. Lord please keep him strong and draw him closer to yourself, Open up his spiritual eyes OH GOD!

  12. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you that Mike has attended church fairly regularly as of late. LORD please guide him into full deliverance and oneness with you. Thank you Jesus.

  13. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Mike today Lord trhat he would stop struggling OH MOST HIGH!

  14. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Father last week I had Michael at the point of denouncing the alcohol devil and what happened is it turned on me and I got blamed for publically embarrassing him. He will not speak to me now. Father please soften his heart so that the enemy does not use this as a smoke screen to keep him bound. Satan the Lord rebuke you.

  15. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Father I pray for Mike and will continue to pray for him Oh Lord. Lord I will not let the enemy come and destroy our members like that. Lord the alcohol devil comes prancing in our church and sits down for a visit and has no intention of releasing our members but flaunts and acts as if he has a right to be there. Lord I come against this spirit of Lukewarmness Oh Lord that only placates a lifestyle and conscience that is not right with God.

  16. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord please touch Mike. I bind confusion in Jesus' name. Lord I also bind the love for alcohol and the belief that it is impossible to quit drinking. Lord this is a lie because you can deliver from alcohol Oh Most High. Lord cause an aversion to alcohol rise up within Mike. Lord cause Mike to hate alcohol.

  17. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Holy God I pray for Michael. He had a stroke Lord and I just pray that since he has had that stroke that you have been speaking to him and making his heart and soul right with you in Jesus name amen

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