posted by Harvey Pinkney on Apr 6

Lord I am so thankful that Torrance and his mom were very thankful that he got this job. Lord I pray that his first day on April 8th, 2013 would not be a dissappointment. Thank You Jesus.

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  1. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I thank you for Torrance and his attitude Oh Lord. Lord please him in this job OH Most High!

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Torrence. Lord he never showed up High. Father please bring deliverance Oh God.

  3. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    OH Jesus I don't know where Torrence is but you know Father. Lord I pray a prayer of protection over him Oh Lord. Lord bring him to yourself oh Most High.

  4. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Torrence that you would by your by your mighty and bring him to yourself Oh Most High. Touch God and deliver Oh Most High

  5. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    This is a reply on Torrence to see where it goes when I send it it's a reply to a comment made from the comments section

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