posted by Harvey Pinkney on May 19

We meet Christopher in front of the office on April 20, 2013 at the outdoor prayer rally. We ministered to him and he was lead in the sinners prayer by Ryan Lewis from Love Tabernacle Church who assisted us with the prayer meeting. Christopher stated that he wanted to have an intimate relationship with Jesus

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  1. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    LORD I pray that Christopher would continue to run into Christians and that you continue to send people his way that waters the seeds planted in his heart.

  2. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    And Lord I pray again for Christopher that You make him a mighty man of God.

  3. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Christopher that you are continuing to draw him to yourself and that you are bringing Christians to water the seed that we have planted.

  4. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray for Christopher. Lord I thought I saw Christopher one day at 71st St carrying a bible and witnessing. Lord I hope it was true. Thank you Jesus.

  5. Harvey Pinkney Says:

    Lord I pray that Christopher would be delivered from a half-hearted relationship with Jesus. Lord he said the sinners prayer Oh Most High. Lord I pray that you let the seed live that was placed in him that day and that you would send other to water it Oh Most High.

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