posted by Harvey Pinkney on Jan 30

Lord Jessica Schroeter needs complete deliverance in Jesus' name!

Lord please give us an effective parenting plan for Maya

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  1. Samara Pinkney Says:

    Lord we Love Maya and pray that the blinders be removed from her eyes

  2. Samara Pinkney Says:

    Father God, in the name of Jesus, I pray for Maya's soul. I pray that Maya will remember what God said about her. I pray that the dark forces from hell be dispelled from her life in the name of Jesus! I decree that no weapon formed against Maya shall prosper in the name of Jesus! Lord release your Glory! Break the chain of confusion now! Devil loose your hold and go where Jesus sends you. I send the blood to where Maya is. Maya will no longer be bound in the mind. I break all generational curses that she has been plagued with. We bind you Satan now! You can't stay, you must go now! The power of the most High God Is reigning in Maya's life. She IS WHO GOD SAY'S SHE IS!

  3. Samara Pinkney Says:

    Amen and amen

  4. Harvey Says:

    Father in the name of Jesus we pray for Maya we have not prayed for her through this Upper Room in a long time we bind Satan in her life and that you would bring her to yourself take the blinders from her eyes take the callus off of her heart cause her to break down into the strain of the sin and give her life to Jesus once and for all in Jesus name amen

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