Prayer Warrior Duties Reminder

Duties Of A Prayer Warrior

1. I think our first duty as a Prayer Warrior would be similar to the old
adage committed to the medical profession.

 First of all do no harm.

Bibilically speaking “For whatsover you would have men do for you do also to
them, for this is the law and the prophets”.

We are spreaders of God’s Love.

No more, no less. We cannot go wrong. For we are spreading only what is from God and nothing of ourselves. We must be continually being filled with the Holy Spirit so that we may have something to give.

We are deliberately counteracting the tendency to let our Love grow cold,
which increases as evil abounds. We are very aggressive in our efforts at
spreading God’s Love.

We are Fishers of Men.

We are sharpening our senses as we go out fishing. We are constantly on the
lookout or a soul that can be snatched from the fire and translated into the
Kingdom of God.

Within the above broad description of our duties we have tasks that are
performed in the daily maintenance of our caseloads as follows:

1. Prayer

We should login daily to pray or our caseloads. From time to
time, we may feel led to leave additional comments or prayers online.

2. Field Visitations

 We should periodically attempt to visit our caseloads
in the field. Especially as we are led by the Holy Spirit. During these field
visits we should always be sure to Love our caseloads, pray with them, have a
short time of fellowship & be sure to invite them to attend a church service. We
would normally attempt to return them to their previous church. If they had no
previous church, we can bring them to church with us.

3. Social Needs

 We should attempt to discover if their are any social needs
that can be met; such as drug abuse prevention & rehabilitation, job training,
shelter, clothing emergency food etc. We should discover agencies in our
communities that offer these services so that we could provide a well rounded
service to our caseloads.

4. Reporting

 We should be prompt and thorough in submitting our weekly and
monthly reports. We should participate in online discussions as we have time. As
a Prayer Warrior called of God to this ministry we will undoubtedly have
valuable input to share with the rest of the ministry as God leads.

5. We should be on time and present for the monthly prayer meetings.

Jesus Is Lord